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“Being Agile” Is Not A Business Strategy.

James Steele
1 min readApr 16, 2021


That’s right!

“Being Agile” is not a business strategy. 🤔

If the people spearheading your agile initiative cannot answer these 4 fundamental questions…

1 — What purposes do customers have for selecting your product or service?

2 — What are the fitness criteria(KPIs) customers use to measure your ability to satisfy their purposes?

3 — For each of those fitness criteria, is your delivery below(unfit), within(fit), or above(over-serving) their thresholds?

4 — What areas of your business need to improve in order to achieve fitness?

… then their pursuit of agility, despite the sincerest of intentions, is likely to be lacking a motivation that is strongly rooted in satisfying the needs of its customers in a manner that is healthy and sustainable to the business.

You can help them avoid improvement treadmills. Agility for its own sake is insufficient.

➡️ Know your customers.
➡️ Know how to measure your fitness.
➡️ Know where you are fit/unfit.
➡️ Pursue elements of agility that maintain and lead to fitness.

The quest for agility should be coupled with a desire for being fit for the purposes of your customers.




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